Welcome to Body Response. I offer three ways to better health. Bowen Therapy, Niromathé Therapy and Pilates.

I believe a person must be treated as a whole and that the body can readjust itself when properly stimulated to return to its natural blueprint of health.

Our bodies are the most amazing and complex systems known. The trillions of cells and systems that make up the human body are in constant motion, working independently and co-operatively to keep us functioning. These systems are designed to self-regulate and repair. Sometimes they need help because of stress, injury, disease or surgery. Sometimes we just feel overwhelmed and would like to deeply relax.

Bowen and Niromathé therapies are aimed at restoring structural integrity and stimulate balance in all the body’s systems with as little gentle manipulation as possible.They have the ability to relieve acute and chronic pain and organ dysfunction quickly and gently.

With Pilates each person can strengthen and maintain balance in the body.