As a Bowen therapist I was looking for a way to help my clients change old postural habits that caused them pain, as well something to prevent re-injury. Also, I was looking for something to help myself. I knew I must change the way I carried my own body.

In my old job I was always hunched over, writing or slouching in a chair. When I was standing up straight, I looked like a soldier at attention - just as hard on the body as slouching. Also I had poor exercise habits. Years of that eventually caused serious back problems. I resolved my back pain with Bowen, but I knew, that if I didn't change, either the back pain would come back or something else would happen. The body can only compensate so much before it screams for help. With Pilates I have changed the way I stand, sit, move and feel.

I no longer have the classic rounded upper body with my neck and head jutting forward. My upper body is relaxed and open, my collar bones showing again. My neck, which had almost disappeared, is again long and supple. Tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck is now rare. This is huge for me. My legs aren't locked and my lower back overly arched. All of this because all the parts of my body have found their natural home and are working together as a whole.

I have a power and ease from within that gives me a kind of confidence, not to mention a much better appearance.