Barbara Gordon is an outstanding Pilates instructor.

I began private Pilates mat classes with Barbara in November 2009 and have continued weekly or bi-weekly sessions on a regular basis. As a massage therapist, there are particular strains on my body and I had nagging low back pain a good deal of the time. Thanks to Barbara's expert instruction and guidance I no longer experience low back pain. Over the two years of classes, my core strength and endurance has improved exponentially, and the journey continues.

Barbara has a firm foundation of knowledge in human anatomy and muscle mechanics and a particular knack in describing the required movements and guiding the student to perform them correctly. She has a very warm personality, a genuine interest in your well-being and much patience. Safety is paramount in her classes and she takes great care to progress the level of difficulty only when your body is strong enough to do so, thereby preventing injury. This is very important. So I encourage you to Call Barbara to arrange for Pilates instruction today!

– Myrna Baker, BScN, MSc, RMT