Bowen Technique for Mothers and Babies

By Barbara Gordon

The Mother

The Bowen Technique can play a very important role in the health care of women during and after pregnancy. It does not rely on drugs or harsh manipulation and can be performed lying on your side or seated. Expectant mothers find Bowen very relaxing as common pregnancy pains are gently relieved.

In the first trimester Bowen has been useful in managing many common problems as the body adjusts to its new state of pregnancy:

  • Morning sickness Stress
  • Emotional fluctuations Fatigue

During the second and third trimester as the centre of gravity shifts and the lumbar curve increases so do the stresses on the spine, pelvis and their supporting muscles and ligaments. This, along with the enormous hormonal changes, can cause many aches and pains. Bowen has been very helpful in relieving most common pregnancy pains:

  • Back pain Varicose veins Breast tenderness
  • Sciatica Aching legs and feet Carpal tunnel
  • Respiratory problems Edema Headaches
  • Heartburn Constipation

During labour the Bowen Technique helps relax the pelvic muscles and ligaments, allowing the baby's head to enter deeper into the birth canal. It is very helpful in managing pain in the low back and sacrum.Once the cervix is completely dilated Bowen can stimulate more efficient uterine contractions and in the final stage help facilitate the expulsion of the placenta.

After birth Bowen can calm the body, promote healing and lactation, relieve lower back and pelvic pain.

The Baby

Developing babies tend to settle down and relax as Mum enjoys a treatment. Before the 36th week, Bowen is used to encourage a baby in transverse or breech position to turn.

The trauma of birth can affect the structure of the spine, pelvis, cranium and temporal mandibular joint of the baby. The Bowen Technique helps realign these structures in such a gentle way the baby is hardly aware of being treated. Bowen can also help treat:

  • Colic Asthma symptoms
  • Projectile vomiting Babies with feeding problems
  • Unsettled or distressed babies

Older children can be treated successfully for bedwetting and hypertension.