Bowen therapy is a powerful system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that stimulates and supports the body to repair itself. Consisting of a series of gentle rolling movements and pauses that allow the recipient to experience a deep overall sense of relaxation, Bowen therapy aims to restore the body's structural integrity and re-hydrate. It opens up the body's communication channels, allowing mechanical, electrical and chemical reactions to flow freely. This improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, helps assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins, and allows the body to recharge and rebalance.

Bowen therapy is designed to treat a broad range of conditions from musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries and chronic complaints to organ dysfunction. Safe and appropriate for everyone from newborns to competitive athletes, pregnant women to the elderly and the chronically ill, Bowen can work very quickly to produce lasting relief from pain and discomfort. Benefits are often apparent after one session. Acute conditions usually respond in 1-3 sessions. Additional sessions may be required for chronic health problems.