Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a neuromuscular method. Bowen moves are performed over muscle and connective tissue sending information to the nervous system. A Bowen move is slow as skin is stretched over a muscle, challenges it, rolls over and returns across a muscle. After a series of these moves there is a pause. The pause allows the brain and endocrine systems to integrate the information sent from the moves and react. In the process the spasm or blockage is release. The body can now return to balance.

Niromathé Therapy

Niromathé therapy method is also unique. First, the skin is loosened in a circular motion, traction is applied to skin and muscle, stimulating acupuncture and trigger points followed by a short, quick, polarized move, causing a vibrations that lead to the deprogramming or disruption of osteopathic lesions or blockages. Polarized contact of hands on the body improves results. As one hand manipulates the superficial tissue, the other, receptive hand, improves the response to the manipulation. Precise localized contact on the key points of tendons, ligaments and close to the joints enhance the manipulation.

Watch the video: What is Niromathé?