My first encounter with Barbara Gordon and Bowen Therapy was last September for treatment for a very sore thumb and wrist which turned out to be carpel tunnel. After the first session the excruciating pain had disappeared and I didn't have to wear a wrist support and after the second session everything was back to normal. I have not had any problems with my hand, my thumb, or my wrist since.

I lead a very active life at almost 70 years of age; kick boxing, yoga, the gym and lots of walking; plus a full time job. Needless to say there are other parts of my body that have been in pain at various times. Recently my left shoulder was in distress and very painful. I could not move my arm up or down and bending it at the elbow was impossible. I ended up taking pain killers because of the unrelenting pain. My neck and shoulders were so tight and hard Barbara couldn't tell the difference between my muscles and bones. Slowly and gently she worked on my shoulders and neck and loosened up my back. I went home after a long treatment and although still in pain, slept all night. In the morning I could move my arm a little and the tension and the pain were disappearing from my neck and shoulder. I stopped the pain killers that morning. Each day it got better and better and by the third day the pain was gone and I had complete movement in my arm and shoulder again.

Our bodies are amazing and with this non-invasive therapy that is so gently applied to our most painful areas it is tuly miraculous how we can internally heal ourselves. No long periods of painful recovery; no drugs with many side effects; no X-rays and no hospital visits.

Thank you Barbara Gordon and the Bowen Technique for giving me pain free living.

– Judith Carter

After practicing and teaching martial arts for over 15 years, my right shoulder fell apart due to a repetitive stress injury. I searched out the best doctors and treatments in order to be able to continue working in the field that I loved so much...but nothing gave me relief for longer than a few days, and I was left with trying to manage the pain and discomfort for the next ten years. A short time ago a friend suggested that I try Bowen Therapy and gave me Barbara's phone number - I called right away. To say that I was skeptical would put it mildly - how could a treatment that is so un-invasive actually work? Didn't I need to be in pain while being treated? Shouldn't I leave the office and need to take pain medication for the next few days? That is what I was used to. After my first treatment by Barbara, my shoulder felt 'looser', and the headache that I had been suffering with for the previous week was gone. A few days after my second Bowen session, I started weight training, hitting the punching bag, and sleeping on my right shoulder - something I hadn't been able to do for more than ten minutes for over ten years! The pain, swelling, and headaches...gone! If all of that doesn't impress you enough with the healing benefits of Bowen Therapy, how about having your therapist tell you after just a few sessions (instead of 3 sessions per week for 6 months)..."I don't need to see you're healthy and doing well", Barbara's parting words to me.

– Shelly Winters, Riverdale Fitness

I have had the wonderful experience of completing several weeks of Bowen treatment. I had recurring back pain and scoliosis of the upper spine. After a few sessions I noticed improvement. The Bowen Technique reshaped my body, and the curvature was reduced noticeably by the gentle touch of the therapist. It has rebalanced my body and I no longer use orthotics in my shoes. You come away feeling relaxed, more than you can imagine, but with greater energy.

– Bev Gibbons, RN CPN

I am an early childhood outdoor educator that spends a majority of my time outside with young children. I work alongside parents and colleagues to provide a program that honours our immediate environment. This requires a great deal of planning, patience and flexibility.

I love what I do and I expend a huge amount of energy in my work! To be successful I need to nurture myself daily. I have tried and continue to try alternative therapies to keep myself in a balanced state.

Since discovering Bowen therapy I have noticed instant results that have benefited my physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth. The first session released so much tension that I was carrying in my body. I couldn't believe it... and yet I could! After a few more visits, my body was carrying less tension and I saw my communication style become more open and authentic.

I remember one session when Barbara spoke to me about one of the benefits of Bowen was being more grounded. This was an "aha" moment for me. I now understand that each time I experience Bowen therapy it is like a reset button in my body and soul. I love the healing I receive through Barbara's subtle movements on my body.

Each day I strive to be a positive role model for my school community. Barbara is a mentor to me and I value and respect her knowledge and experience. She is flexible with her hours, which is important when you are depleted and need a boost. I feel very fortunate to have met Barbara and I am grateful for all she draws out in me. I recommend Bowen therapy as it supports me in a demanding culture that we journey through.

– Sandee Waite

I feel lucky to have been introduced to Barbara Gordon for Bowen treatments! I have suffered form back and shoulder issues for years. This became normal for me. It was after an injury to my hip that I started looking for other healing options besides the chiropractic and massage recommended by my doctor. These techniques did help but I was stuck at a place less than optimum and with daily pain. Bowen has given me a different body! I am not in daily pain anymore and when I have little flare-ups it is not the same severity as before. My husband, friend and kids have had Bowen as well and everyone has benefited! Wishing you well.

– Michele Korman

Bowenwork therapy as practiced by Barbara Gordon relieved me of pain and swelling due to Achilles tendon problems on my ankle.

Soft tissue ultrasound revealed scar tissue on my Achilles tendon. My physician prescribed painkillers, support hose and conventional physiotherapy and exercises which lasted for four months before I could put my heel down and walk normally. When the same problem showed up on my other ankle about a year later I resigned myself to a long drawn-out, miserable and painful round of therapy and special exercises.

Evelyn Charters spoke about Bowenwork therapy to her Pilates class and I thought I had nothing to lose so I contacted Barbara Gordon. After three once a week sessions of the most gentle manipulation I walked normally with very little discomfort. After the fourth session I was pain free and had no swelling on either ankle. That was in 2008 and the problem has not recurred. I can most sincerely recommend Bowenwork therapy for similar problems and other painful conditions that can be evaluated with a view to getting Bowenwork therapy.

– Sylvia Makk-Lainevool

Over 35 years ago, when I lived on the farm with my parents, my crazy beloved horse kicked me and literally sent me flying through the air just like in the old western movies. My pelvis had been twisted and my right leg was "wonky" ever since, even after years of countless therapies to help straighten me out.

I worked around it, as we all do ... we just get on with it don't we? Unfortunately the wonky leg was starting to give me a lot of knee pain last year, that was getting worse by the week. I met a lovely therapist, Barb Gordon who intrigued me with her Bowen technique and lo and behold! After 3 gentle sessions last Fall, my ball (a.k.a. the head of my thigh bone) found its way back into my hip socket and felt like it had finally come home to stay. Both legs work together now and my knee pain has vanished! Much love and appreciation.

– Evelyn Charters, Body Control Pilates Canada

The experience I have had with the Bowen technique, under Barbara Gordon's care, has been truly beneficial with positive results. I went to Barbara for a chronic tennis elbow problem. Over the last several years I had sought out medical treatments (cortisone shots, physiotherapy) and alternative therapies (acupuncture, acupressure), all with little or no success. As a professional artist, my ability to paint was very restricted and becoming a career liability. Other interests and hobbies were also compromised. I had heard about favorable results with the Bowen technique. My first Bowen session with Barbara was surprisingly delightful. With one treatment my pain was immediately resolved and full movement of my arm and elbow was restored within two days. It has been some time since I had the Bowen treatment done for tennis elbow and to this day I am pain free with unrestricted arm and elbow movement.

More currently I tore a muscle in my right calf. I immediately called upon Barbara and the Bowen technique was applied. Over the course of the ensuing week improvement was obviously noticeable. My limp was almost gone and the pain had eased up greatly.

Just 2 1/2 weeks after the initial Bowen treatment I was on a hiking and golfing trip without any limp or pain. According to my physician, who had examined and tested my right calf muscle at the time of the accident, it would take 4-6 weeks to recover. The Bowen technique shortened my recovery by more than half.

I trust the Bowen technique and would not hesitate in the least to put its remarkable practice to use again.

– Nancy Kembry

I am quite a skeptical person by nature. When I was first told about the Bowen Technique I thought it was just another remedy long on promises and short on results.

I soon found out otherwise.

For several months I had a nagging sharp pain in my knee that was a frequent recipient of my cursing. Although moderate in nature and infrequent (3 or 4 times a day) after several weeks it became more than a minor irritant.

After my first treatment I felt inexplicably relaxed. With only gentle hand pressure and five minute pauses between movements I could not comprehend the process. It felt like nothing had been done. Four or five days after my first treatment I woke up one morning and my knee pain was gone. It has never returned!

A year or so later I returned to Barbara with moderate hip pain. After three treatments I was once again pain free and on my way.

I don't know how it works, but I do know it works! To this day I recommend Barbara and the Bowen Technique to anyone I think it could help. Thanks Barbara.

– Bryan Forde

I originally saw Barbara for the pain and inflammation I was experiencing in my hand, elbow and shoulder. It was caused by repetitive motion from the similar tasks I was doing at work and at home. Within a couple of sessions the pain and swelling was virtually gone. However, I eventually came to realize that the benefits of the Bowen technique were much more than physical. My ability to deal with deadlines and other pressures at my workplace and home business improved, as if somehow I had learned to relax.

I have since seen Barbara for other long-term physical concerns. For me, Bowen is a simple, relaxing way to help keep my body and mind in balance.

– Janette Rojas, artist/photographer

I suffered with foot, knee and hip pain after many years of film work where I was standing for hours a day in all types of weather. I tried chiropractic treatments without relief and was also fitted for expensive orthotics, which made my pain worse each time I used them. I had two relaxing Bowen treatments from Barbara Gordon and am now free of foot, knee and hip pain.

– Carl Dockerty

Frankly, I was skeptical about Bowen therapy but after I was diagnosed with acute, severe Achilles tendonitis and embarked on a long search for relief I became convinced it is a valid form of treatment.

I had developed Achilles tendonitis many years ago when I jumped off a retaining wall. I was successfully treated with physiotherapy. After returning from a vacation where I walked for long periods of time it flared up again.

The first solution my doctor recommended was a topical anti-inflammatory drug. This was unsuccessful. I was then referred to a physiotherapy clinic. First I was told to buy all new shoes. I did eight weeks of intensive exercises, aggressive soft tissue manipulation, and electrical stimulation. My condition became worse. It was difficult walking even short distances.

I returned to my family doctor who sent me for scans and X-rays and referred me to a mobility specialist. This doctor suggested that the physiotherapy exercises had aggravated my condition. I was prescribed an internal anti-inflammatory drug in addition to the topical I was already using. I was taught how to elevate and ice my leg after walking and prescribed inserts for my shoes and special slippers for the house.

After several weeks I experienced some improvement but the anti-inflammatory drug produced stomach pains and the orthotics meant that I was uncomfortable walking without them. In addition I seemed to be developing tendonitis in my other leg. I was not happy. I decided to stop the drug and give up the orthotics.

Barbara suggested I try Bowen therapy. After a few gentle treatments I was walking normally, without pain. I don't understand how it works but am grateful that it did.

– Ron Gordon (skeptical brother)

My name is Jodie, and I am a kindergarten teacher in the East end of Toronto. I love my job, and have always wanted children of my own.

In November of 2005, following several months of intense pain, I was diagnosed with having a large cyst on my right ovary. Due in part to the inevitable long wait for surgery, when the cyst was removed in January 2006, it had grown to 18x24cm, and my right ovary and fallopian tube were removed along with it. In addition, a cyst about the size of an apple was removed as well as part of my left ovary.

The difficult recovery was made more so by the knowledge that it might be difficult at best for my husband and I to have children. My specialist recommended that we should start trying to conceive right away. To add to our growing concern, another ultrasound in June of 2006 revealed another cyst on the remaining ovary, and still no positive pregnancy test.

In August 2006, both my husband and I started visiting Barbara for Bowen therapy. Barbara was very thorough in her questions regarding our medical histories, and made every effort to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. We visited Barbara weekly, and both looked forward to our sessions, which were tremendously relaxing and seemed to have a long-term calming effect for us, both physically and mentally. We continued our sessions for about 7 weeks.

In September 2006, another ultrasound showed that the new cyst had completely disappeared, and in October we were both delighted and amazed to see a positive pregnancy test. Our first baby is due July 13th 2007. It should also be noted that we did not take any other type of treatment for fertility, or for the cysts.

It has been such a delight to have Barbara in our lives. Her warmth and caring personality have truly touched our lives. We will be forever grateful.

– Jodie and David